I-10 Hassayampa Valley Study


Leading up to late 2005, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) received numerous requests for traffic interchanges along the Interstate 10/Papago Freeway between the SR-303L/Estrella Freeway and 459th Avenue in the area west of the White Tank Mountains known as Hassayampa Valley. These requests were from developers to accommodate travel demand from more than 100 entitled master-planned communities along this region’s primary freight corridor that connects Phoenix with the ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles. In addition, recent designation of the CANAMEX corridor in the Hassayampa Valley and its connections to US-93 and Las Vegas needed further definition for accommodating travel demand.

The project study team determined that the entitled development represents a population of close to 3 million by buildout. The team also determined that little coordinated transportation infrastructure planning existed in the Hassayampa Valley. In response, the Maricopa Association of Governments, in association with ADOT, the Maricopa County Department of Transportation, the Town of Buckeye, and the Cities of Goodyear and Surprise, funded and developed the Interstate 10-Hassayampa Valley Roadway Framework Study.

This study is the first framework effort in the MAG region, since the conception of the regional freeway network in 1960, to establish a network of transportation facilities to meet the buildout travel demand. In doing so, the study team was able to identify high capacity roadway and transit corridors to frame transportation in the Hassayampa Valley. The team also conducted a precursory environmental scan of the study area so that transportation corridors could be identified to avoid presently known natural and built environmental factors.

The study began in May 2006 for an area bounded by SR-74 on the north, SR-303L on the east, the Gila River on the south, and 459th Avenue on the west. Through an extensive process that included opportunities for stakeholder input, the project established a transportation framework that

  1. responds to the FHWA and ADOT by establishing a traffic interchange plan for Interstate 10;
  2. identifies a network of freeways, parkways, and arterials to facilitate travel throughout and connections to the Hassayampa Valley;
  3. recommends a new arterial facility entitled the “Arizona Parkway” for providing a higher capacity and safer roadway that meets the travel demand;
  4. includes recommendations for transit connections between the Hassayampa Valley and the MAG region; and
  5. provides to Maricopa County, the Town of Buckeye, and the Cities of Goodyear and Surprise a transportation planning framework to serve as the backbone of their general plans for making land use decisions.

Regional Council Resolution

Recommendation to:

  1. accept the findings of the Interstate 10-Hassayampa Valley Transportation Framework Study as the surface and public transportation framework for the Hassayampa Valley;
  2. adopt the traffic interchange locations for the Interstate 10/Papago Freeway from SR-303L/Estrella Freeway to 459th Avenue,
  3. adopt a two-mile traffic interchange spacing policy for new freeway facilities within the Hassayampa Valley with appropriate planning for non-access crossings of the freeway facilities to facilitate local transportation movements;
  4. adopt a new functional classification as a parkway, recognizing the Arizona Parkway as a type of parkway with unique operating characteristics for congestion and air quality planning purposes;
  5. accept the findings and implementation strategies as describe in the study for inclusion as illustrative corridors in the Regional Transportation Plan; and
  6. recommend the affected jurisdictions within the Hassayampa Valley study area incorporate this study's recommendations into future updates of their general plans.

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